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Data collector for Microsoft Graph
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Data collector for Microsoft Graph automatically connects to MS Graph, retrieves and synchronizes users, persons and teams with iTop's CMDB.

If you are an Office 365 administrator, you now have the choice to use LDAP or MS Graph to provision accounts in iTop.


  • Provisoning of persons, users (Active Directory) and teams in iTop from MS Graph
  • Automated assignment of persons to the relevant teams
  • Allocation of a default user profile as "Portal user"

If you want to combine both provisioning and authentication in iTop, you can use this data collector with the authentication with OpenID Connect


  • This first version cannot retrieve automatically iTop profiles defined under Graph thanks to groups for example.
  • All Graph groups including distribution lists are retrieved during the process


Please note that as a stand-alone application, this collector cannot be automatically installed by iTop Hub : you have to deploy it manually on a server running PHP, with web access to both LDAP and iTop.

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