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Chat integration with Intercom
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This extension adds live chat to iTop end-users portal or backoffice using Intercom, adding a small bubble in the bottom-right corner of the screen which users can click on to start a live conversation.

Support agents can (optionally) create a ticket in iTop directly from their Intercom dashboard.

  • Ticket creation form for is customizable and adjustable to your datamodel
  • Tickets are updated in real time if conversation is resumed in Intercom
  • Agent can see on-going tickets of the users to get context
  • Agent can link current conversation to an on-going iTop ticket

The use of Intercom is subject to a subscription, check their website for offers.


Unfortunately, embedding the agents dashboard in iTop through an iFrame dashlet is no longer possible as they have shutdown this feature.


Keep in mind that Intercom is a paid third-party chat which is not part of iTop. For any question regarding its usage and features, please check its documentation directly on their website.

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