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SLA considering business hours
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With this extension, computation of SLA deadlines (TTO and TTR) takes into account time periods during which you committed to deliver a given service to a given customer. It takes into account as well Bank Holidays for your company. Without this extension, SLA computation is based on 24×7 delivered services and no holidays.

Coverage Windows & Holidays

  • You can define the holidays which apply to your company (days which are closed for business, e.g. January 1st, May 1st…).
  • You can define coverage windows applying to your services (i.e. working hours within each day of the week, maybe excluding a lunch break: 8-12h and 14-18h on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).
  • You can choose by customer and service, which coverage window applies (eg. Business Hours vs 24*7).
  • Time To Own (TTO) and Time To Resolved (TTR) metrics are computed according to coverage windows excluding holidays.

This extension can be used even if you have customized the Service Management Data Model, assuming you have a mean to determine on each Ticket the applicable Service Level Target (SLT).

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