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This extension adds live chat to iTop end-users portal or backoffice using adding a small bubble in the bottom-right corner of the screen which users can click on to start a live conversation.

Support agents can (optionally) create a ticket in iTop directly from their chat dashboard.

The use of is free and unlimited.


  • Unfortunately, embedding the agents dashboard in iTop through an iFrame dashlet is no longer possible as they have shutdown this feature.
  • When creating a ticket in iTop from the chat, the “transcript” of the conversation cannot be retrieved automatically for now due to APIs limitations, but support agents can copy/paste it during the ticket creation.
  • Once the ticket is created, there is no further synchronization between the and iTop tickets due to APIs limitations.


Keep in mind that is a free third-party chat which is not part of iTop. For any question regarding its usage and features, please check its documentation directly on Help Center

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