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Molkobain Datacenter View Extended extension is the advanced (and paid) version of the free Molkobain Datacenter View extension.

It includes everything the simple version has, plus advanced features / customizations.

Online demo

You can try this extension on the online demo. There are already some racks, enclosures and devices mounted as an example. Just click on the links below to access it:


Purchase includes a 6-month free updates (features, bug fixes and security patches)
Support is provided by the developer itself, not Combodo.

Advanced features

  • Drag & Drop
  • Complex enclosures support (grid system)
  • Rear panel support
  • Occupancy rates
  • Power & weight capacities
  • Consistency checks
  • Audit rules
  • Misc. & reserved slots
  • Custom classes
  • Zero-U devices
  • Misc. options

Drag & Drop

Drag & drop elements in the graphical view to easily set their position instead of manually editing each elements! More info.

Complex enclosures support

Support any enclosure form factor with the grid layout. From vertical server-blades to devices with heterogeneous widths / heights. More info.

Rear panel support

  • Available in both racks and enclosures
  • Automatically shows occupancy on the opposite panel

Occupancy rates

  • Keep an eye on your racks and enclosures occupancy rate in real time
  • Distinct indicators for front and rear panels

More info.

Power & weight capacities

Keep an eye on your racks power consumption and weight capacities:

  • Fill devices expected consumption / weight
  • Max. expected consumption / weight on each rack & enclosure is automatically computed
  • Compare contracted power and actual power reading
  • Compare maximum weight allowed by the element itself or the server room specs

More info.

Reserved slots

Two new object classes to better describe your racks and enclosures:

  • ReservedSlot: Reserve space in a rack / enclosure for any future usage or element.
  • MiscEquipmentSlot: Mark space as used for patch panel or cable management for example.

More info.

Custom classes

You have some custom classes (not derivating from DatacenterDevice) that you would like to use in racks and enclosures? No problem! Just register them in the custom_device_classes config. parameter, make sure they have the required attributes (see documentation) and they will automatically appear. More info.

Zero-U devices

Manage devices with non standard size / positioning such as USB drives, vertical PDUs, non rackable devices, ... Just mark them as such to make them appear in the bottom-right panel of their host, easy as pie! More info.


This extension is not open source and is bound by the license choose you purchased.There are several licenses available, see for more information.

Third parties

This extension embeds some third-party resources:

  • Zero-U panel icon (USB memory stick) comes from Icons8
  • Some class icons come from Icons8
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