Mail to ticket automation's image Mail to ticket automation


Automatically scan several mailboxes to create or update tickets (Incidents or User Request).

  • Create Ticket and set title, description, caller and organization based on eMail information.
  • Update Ticket, for replies to an iTop notification, or if a Ticket reference is found in the eMail subject.
  • Can automatically create contact in iTop when the sender email does not match an existing iTop Contact (configurable).
  • Add the other recipients (CC: and TO:) as contacts on the ticket.
  • Reject eMails using patterns on email subject to ignore "out of office" messages (configurable).
  • Keep eMail's attachments as Ticket's attachments ("dangerous" types of attachments can be excluded).
  • Images embedded inside an HTML mail are displayed inline in iTop as well.
  • Change the Ticket state upon reception of an email.
  • A Ticket updated by email can trigger notifications (configurable).
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