IPAM for iTop's image IPAM for iTop


IPAM for iTop (aka TeemIp) provides a simple and powerful toolset for network administrators to manage their IPv4 and IPv6 plans, subnet space and IPs in accordance with best in class IP management practices:

  • Manage multiple customers or organizations: TeemIp supports overlapping IP spaces
  • Define IP plans through hierarchical network blocks
  • Delegate IP blocks from parent to child organizations
  • Manage subnets within predefined network blocks
  • Attach IP ranges to subnets
  • Register IPs and get a clear view on the IP space consumption
  • Proactively notify administrators on key events

This extension adds the following new classes to the CMDB:

  • Subnet block (V4 / V6)
  • Subnet (V4, V6)
  • IP Range (V4, V6)
  • IP Address (V4, V6)
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